Thursday, October 12, 2006

Could a 30-in. monitor help you do your job faster?

Via Yahoo News -

Providing employees with 30-in. computer monitors can boost worker productivity at companies where 17-in. or 19-in. monitors are typically used, according to a French consultant hired for a study sponsored by Apple.

The study, which evaluated Apple’s 30-inch Apple Cinema Display, concluded that large screens can offer gains of up to 50 percent to 65 percent in productivity on a variety of specific office tasks and can earn back their extra costs in time savings over several years. The 30-in. display costs $1,999.

I have been using multiple screens for years. You could have paid me 10 bucks to tell you this. lol

What a waste of money....Silly Apple. Of course having more screen space increases productivity. But two 19in regular monitors can do the same thing and be a hella lot cheaper.

This research isn't even new. I mean Microsoft said this in 2003, for gods sake.

They took information that any person that has ever used multiple screens could tell ya and threw their 30in screen in it - then called it research.

Smells less like science and more like advertising.

The next study will conclude that using OS X instead of Linux/Unix/anything else can make you more productivity...sponsored by Apple.

Remind you of anyone else?

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