Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tools of the Trade - MSG-Free

1) Firefox 2.0 was finally released last night. It may take a week or so for all your favorite add-ons to catch up. Check out the release notes for all the details.

2) The first public beta of the BackTrack 2.0 LiveCD is out.

3) Nessus 3.0.3 W334 was released for the Windows platform - no longer beta. The Windows version of Nessus is getting better, but the reporting still isn't up to part with the Linux version.

4) On Oct 18th, Cain & Abel v3.0 was released. New features include:
  • Support for AirPcap USB 2.0 adapter in Wireless Scanner
  • Passive Wireless Scanner with channel hopping support.
  • AirpCap.DLL dynamically linked.
  • WEP IVs sniffer (Capture files are compatible with Aircrack's .ivs files).
  • 802.11 capture files analyzer compatible with PCAP and Aircrack's .ivs file formats.
  • 802.11 capture files decoder (support WEP and WPA-PSK encryption).
  • WPA-PSK pre-shared key calculator.
  • WEP Cracker using Korek's Attack (64-bit and 128-bit key length supported).
  • Off-line capture file processing now compatible with Wireless extensions.
  • Added G722.1 codec support in the VoIP sniffer.
  • Added support fo Winpcap library version 4.0 and higher.
  • OpenSSL library upgrade to version 0.9.8d.
  • Winpcap library upgrade to version 4.0 beta1.
5) On Oct 11th, GnuPG 1.9.92 was released. This is the latest beta in the GPG 2.0 branch. The current stable version is still 1.4.5. At this time, development will not stop on the 1.4 branch once 2.0 is released in November. Check out the release announcement for all the change details.

6) On Oct 1st, Aircrack-ng 0.6.2 was released. No more peek5.sys issues. See changelog for details.

7) Also on Oct 1st, HoneyTrap was released. HoneyTrap is a low-interactive honeypot that collects information regarding known or unknown network-based attacks and thus can provide early-warning information.

8) On Sept 28th, OpenSSL released several new versions to correct four security issues.

9) On Sept 27th, OpenSSH 4.4/4.4p1 was released to correct several security issues. More details on the fixes in the changelog.

10) AOL just release WinAmp 5.31 that fixes several security issues outlined by iDefense.

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