Tuesday, October 17, 2006

UK Drivers Bypass Ticket Cameras Simply By Changing Lanes

Via ThisisLondon.co.uk -

A massive flaw in a new generation of speed cameras means motorists can avoid fines and points on their licence simply by changing lanes.

The Home Office admitted last night that drivers can avoid being caught the by hi-tech 'SPECS' cameras which calculate a car's average speed over a long distance.

The astonishing loophole means that millions of speeding drivers around Britain could escape a £60 fine and three points on their licence. The hidden blind-spot - revealed today by the Daily Mail - raises questions about the supposedly foolproof hi-tech camera system which is increasingly used on Britain's roads.

Although designed to improve road safety, the loophole means that drivers may actually increase the risk of accidents by continually switching lanes.

Police chiefs were last night forced to urge drivers not to exploit the shortcoming by trying to evade the cameras.

I am sure drivers won't change lanes if asked not to....seriously, we can just ask real nicely - "Please don't change lanes mate...and don't speed, ohh yeah and don't stab people."

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