Thursday, January 25, 2007

Russian One Dollar Spam Scam

Via McAfee AverLabs -

“Give me $1 to unsubscribe”

That’s basically what the latest Russian spam says. Let me get one thing straight for anyone that’s not had their coffee yet. Never pay spammers, ever. All the smart spammers have suckers lists. You have been warned! Etc Etc…

International spam has been a growing problem for a long time and with a world-wide network of spam traps, we see (and deal with) a lot of local spam. This rather interesting specimen group landed in the lap of a researcher this afternoon because it was a little out of the ordinary.

Andrey Slabosnickiy from Rostov-on-Don was insightful enough to invite one of our international spam-traps to unsubscribe from his general database for a buck.


Check out the spam pics via the McAfee link at the top. The site is still up it would appear.

As you would expect, I don't suggest anyone send him a dollar if you get this e-mail.

Like that guy that invented the "pet rock", he most likely has already made a million dollars...

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