Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Celebrating The Small Things of the World - Online

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Put this in the 2007 time capsule: in this, the year of Facebook, we live in a culture that celebrates the small things. The tiny things, in fact. The miniscule minutiae of everyday life. Beautiful, or just inane? You decide, but by way of helping you make that decision, here's a group you can join [have to be on Facebook, sorry]: I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way To Step On That Crunchy-looking Leaf. No, seriously. All the kids are doing it. And I do mean all: as of last counting, this group had 218,133 members, 14, 591 wall posts and 822 photos. Of leaves.

But the real question remains, and that is this: did I join this group? Well, that crunchy sound is damn satisfying.

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