Monday, May 28, 2007

Phone Numbers of Slovak Secret Agents Revealed

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Another embarrassing incident happened last weekend in Slovakia.

The announced posting of complete telephone book on popular website from all phone operators during weekend turned to a serious security incident.

One of the phone-numbers-databases provided by T-Mobile contained also numbers that should have been classified (on customer's wish), and among them there were also more than 700 mobile phone numbers of Slovak secret service SIS. Slovak newspaper SME informed about this incident during the weekend on his web edition.

Customers, who found their classified numbers published, immediately called the operator but, in spite of this, such numbers had been accessible for more than 24 hours. Considering the reactions of SIS officials, it was clear they were surprised and astonished. Sure. How could they be less than surprised?

Not only Classified mobile phone numbers were revealed, but also secret service agents’ number were disclosed – this could be a real disaster.

SIS spokesman Karol Sorby said in an official statement, that "disclosing of data related to SIS on website ... is leakage of classified information and serious breach of telecommunication secret."

How serious was this leakage, we will see in next weeks.

According to SME, reporters tried to call on some of these numbers, and none but one among the people who answered, admitted to be working for Slovak secret services.

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