Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Michel Fournier - The Super Jump

The Super Jump

In August 2007 an extraordinary project will bind France, Canada and a single man for an historic supersonic free fall. Michel Fournier will drop out of the stratosphere from an altitude from about 130,000 feet (40 kilometers, nearly 25 miles) above the plains of Saskatchewan, Canada, and will contribute to the development of future technologies and the safety of stratospheric flight.


If Michel pulls this off, he will break four world records:

- Altitude record for freefall
- Altitude record for human balloon flight
- Time record for longest freefall
- Speed record for fastest freefall

Also, like
Joseph W. Kittinger, he will break the sound barrier and archive supersonic flight without a capsule or craft. Past estimates have put his max speed at between 745 and 1,000 mph.

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