Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heartland Data Breach: List of Victims Grows; First Arrests Made

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The list of financial institutions impacted by the Heartland Payment Systems (HPY) breach now tops 220. In related news, three men in Florida were arrested earlier this week on multiple charges of credit card fraud, and some of the card numbers they allegedly used are tied to the Heartland hack.

The Leon County, FL. Sheriff's office arrested area residents Tony Acreus, Jeremy Frazier and Timothy Johns, who had allegedly used stolen credit card numbers since November, according to Sgt. Tony Drzewiecki, spokesman for the sheriff's office.

According to the Tallahassee, FL. Democrat, the suspects were running "a very sophisticated and complex criminal enterprise." Law enforcement is investigating how the three men were able to obtain credit card numbers from the Heartland breach, which was first announced on January 20.

Meanwhile, in just over a week, the number of financial institutions that have come forward to say they have been contacted by their credit card companies Visa and MasterCard in relation to the breach has jumped from fewer than 50 to more than 200.


Click here to see the list of affected financial institutions.

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