Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kamel Bourgass Plots Poison Terror Strike From UK Cell

Via Mirror UK -

Osama bin Laden's "master poisoner" is planning terror outrages from his jail cell.

Home Office documents seen by the Mirror reveal Kamel Bourgass is recruiting extremist prisoners to communicate with undercover al-Qaeda operatives.

Bourgass, 33, is already serving life for murdering a police officer.

Held in segregation at a topsecurity jail, Bourgass is being monitored by secret services after evidence was found of a plot involving a "quantity of cyanide".

Reports suggest he was using other inmates at Wakefield prison, West Yorks, their relatives and friends to link with al-Qaeda terrorists in London, where the poison was hidden. A source said: "Bourgass has tried to use cyanide before and appears intent on masterminding another attack, even from behind bars.

"He was taken out of circulation on the wing because we believe he was using others to get information to al-Qaeda operatives on the outside.

"Even locked up he remains a real threat to the public."

He is also linked to Abu Musabal-Zarqawi, who beheaded Briton Ken Bigley in Iraq. Convicted of killing Det Con Stephen Oake, 40, during a police raid on a flat in Manchester in 2003, Bourgass is still described in Home Office reports as a "risk to life and state".

After Bourgass was locked up in 2004, Scotland Yard's anti-terror chief Peter Clarke said Britons had been sparedan "absolutely terrifying" attack.

Police found four sets of poison recipes at his flat, including ricin and cyanide.

He was convicted of conspiracy to cause public nuisance with poisons and explosives but a charge of conspiracy to murder was left on file.

Now in jail, offender assessments reveal Bourgass "refused to co-operate" with the authorities for the past 13 months.

He is said to be prepared to "use weapons and extreme violence", and a report continues: "He has extreme beliefs, re. links to a terrorist cell in London and possession of explosives."

One document states: "There have been reports he has been involved on the wing in discussing extremist views, hence the recent move to segregation."

Intelligence suggests Kamel Bourgass is a false identity and "has only ever been an alias".

Authorities believe they have traced his mother in Algeria, who is named as Jamia Balhania.


Kamel Bourgass was born in Algeria in 1974. In the early 90’s he was an activist of one of the most extreme Islamic groups in ALgeria, the “Armed Islamic Group” (GIA). He probably fled Algeria in the mid 90’s when the military authority there began to overcome the Islamic groups.

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