Monday, February 9, 2009

Pathetic DDoS vs Metasploit (Round 2)

Via Metaspoit Blog -

It looks like our little DDoS buddy got sent home from school early today -- the flood started up again, this time ignoring the DNS name for the web site and instead targeting both IP addresses configured on the server. While SSL service is still unaffected (including Online Update over SVN), folks who wish to visit the Metasploit web site will need to do so using an alternate port until we roll out the next countermeasure.

We also host the main web server for Attack Research, which can now be accessed at:

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Also, check out this DarkReading article about Metasploit's new up and coming services...
The Metasploit hacking tool soon will come with services-based features aimed at offloading resource-intensive penetration testing tasks, as well as augmenting the popular open-source software.....The goal is to add back-end services, such as an "opcode" database client and a password-cracker to Metasploit, that seamlessly expand the tool's features and resources for its users, says HD Moore, creator of Metasploit.

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