Thursday, February 19, 2009

RumorMill: Another Processor Breach??

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Banks around the country are reportedly receiving warnings, and perhaps even new lists of cards to replace. This is apparently regarding another credit card processor, unrelated to Heartland Payment Systems, having a significant breach.

OSF has received multiple tips from multiple sources, all sounding nearly identical.

From what we've heard, this second breach is significant in scale, but we have not as of yet been told who the processor is.

Also has released an article about three people being arrested for allegedly using credit cards from the Heartland Breach. And also, their list grows of institutions affected by the Heartland incident (they maintain a much more comprehensive list than we did). Hats off!

We'll post more details as we become aware of them.


Last week, a friend informed me that she had received a letter from Compass Bank..and would be getting a new card. As of right now, Compass Bank is not listed as one of the 400 institutions affected by the Heartland Breach.

Therefore, it could be part of another beach...but that doesn't mean it was another processor however.

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