Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sketchy Social Networking Friends Could Haunt You Forever

Via FoxNews -

Say you had a lapse of good judgment in your youth, hung out with some Communist Party members and shared some photos of you and your new pals with your Facebook friends.

Now say you're older, and you choose to run for office, and you want to get rid of any incriminating photos or information out there about you — like maybe that online petition you signed advocating the legalization of marijuana. You delete everything from your Facebook page, and you should be good, right?

Slight problem. That picture of you and the guys with the hammers and the sickles is probably still out there, somewhere. And it won't go away.

Share it once, share it for life. That's the conundrum when it comes to people expecting privacy after they share photos or other information with hundreds of friends on Facebook — or any other social networking site, for that matter.

"If you send something to 400 people and publish it, it's publishing -- just the way the Wall Street Journal is. I think people don't realize it's publishing ... it's not private anymore," said Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of the All Things Digital Web site and a Wall Street Journal columnist who has covered digital issues for more than 10 years.

"Most people do share it with 400 people, not two or three. The question is: Should you share, can you have the expectation of privacy? And you can't."


If I have said it once, I have said it a million times...beware what you share folks.

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