Monday, March 2, 2009

Aggressors Prowl for Air Force Information

Via Air Force Link News -

A little known unit here, working in a bank of trailers hidden from the public, performs a unique mission for the Air Force: hacking into the vast Air Force computer networks to help protect those networks from an enemy's attack.

The Air Force hackers from the 57th Information Aggressor Squadron here and the Kansas Air National Guard's 177th Information Aggressor Squadron, known collectively as the Aggressors, help prepare Air Force, joint and allied personnel by replicating current and emerging threats as a professional information operations opposition force.


he Aggressors, Colonel Butler said, operate on three basic principals: knowing the threat, teaching the threat, replicating the threat.


The first phase is done remotely from dot-com means and open source information; Aggressors then go to the installation itself; and finally through replication of the attack, they train the network control centers and individual users on their responsibilities of securing the computer networks.

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