Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo of the Day - Killer Hot Dogs at Jackalope

(Photo: Jim Merithew/

The Jackalope serves a killer hot dog.

And by "killer," I mean deadly as a cross-border drug skirmish: The house specialty known as The Tijuana is a heart attack wrapped in a coronary, fried in myocardial infarction and smothered in cardiac arrest.

(Translation: It's a quarter-pound beef dog wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, then laid lovingly on a bun and topped with a generous portion of melted jack cheese. To give this death-king an edge, it's crowned with jalapenos and chipolte mayo.)

If you dare take on a Tijuana at this Austin dive bar, you'll find yourself with a mouthful of salty, greasy goodness that probably seems pretty close to heaven after a night of club crawling on busy Sixth Street. It's definitely a stunt dog, but it's surprisingly satisfying in certain situations.


Ohhh man, I love this town. The sun is setting on this beautiful Sunday in ATX right now.

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