Monday, March 16, 2009

Texas Wants More (Craft) Beer!!!

Report from Saint Arnold Brewery -


We have the chance to change history. Please help us out and please pass this along to others. Cheers!


State Rep. Jessica Farrar has filed a bill this session that would allow you to get a six pack or a case of beer from your favorite craft brewery at the end of a tour! This change in the law would go a long way toward creating a healthier environment in Texas for craft breweries and help us compete fairly with out-of-state craft breweries that have the same rights in their home states. Beer distributors are helping support Farrar's effort as well, but we need you to tell your legislators that you support this, and that you would like to be able to get a six pack of beer at the end of a Saint Arnold tour just like many of you have when you have visited breweries in other states.

Supporting this bill will only take you 5 minutes. Here is what you need to do: If you don't know who your state representative is, then go to:

You can then click on the name of your state representative (not the state senator - that will come later). This should send you to their home page where you can usually click on a link named "send email" or "email", or sometimes there is a form right there for sending them an email. Write a brief email stating your support for HB 1926 and that this is an important issue to you. Let them know that the Licensing & Administrative Committee will be having a hearing on it this Wednesday, March 18. That's all!

In case you are in Austin and would like to attend this Wednesday's hearing, it will be at 8 AM (although we may be waiting for a while) in Room E2.016 in the state capitol.

Below is a list of the members of the Licensing & Administrative Committee. If you happen to live in one of their districts, PLEASE, PLEASE contact them.

Here are the committee members:
Chair: Rep.Edmund Kuempel (Seguin)
Vice Chair: Rep.Senfronia Thompson (Houston)
Rep.Warren Chisum (Panhandle)
Rep.Charlie Geren (Fort Worth)
Rep.Roland Gutierrez (San Antonio)
Rep.Mike Hamilton (Beaumont)
Rep.Delwin Jones (Lubbock)
Rep.Jose Menendez (San Antonio)
Rep.Chente Quintanilla (El Paso)

Your reward will be more and healthier Texas craft breweries and an even better experience when you visit Saint Arnold!


For those of you that are unaware of how the current Texas laws are hurting local compaines check out this article -


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