Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HP WebInspect 8.0 - Available Now!

HP Application Security Center is proud to announce the next leap forward in web security products with the release of WebInspect 8.0. With a long list of features, we hope that you are as excited about this release as we are. Below is just a taste of the many improvements you will undoubtedly enjoy.

What's New
  • Flash Static Analysis [ActionScript 2 & 3]
  • New Reporting System
  • Optional Depth First Crawler
  • Java Model View Control (MVC) Support
  • Integration with IBM Rational ClearQuest
  • Support for 64-bit Vista
What's Improved
  • Significantly Improved Script Processing
  • Revamped Web Macro Recorder
  • Smart Assessment Fingerprinting
  • Improvements to Start Page
  • Improvements to Scan View
Check out the release notes for all the details...

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