Friday, April 10, 2009

US Intel Community Employees Like Their Working Conditions

Via The Washington Post -

We don't know much about what they do, but the seem to enjoy it.

Spies and other intelligence community employees rate their agencies well in several categories compared to federal workers in other agencies, according to survey data released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The 2008 IC (intelligence community) Employee Climate Survey says 73 percent of the employees in 16 intelligence agencies said they were satisfied with their jobs, compared to 68 percent in a government wide survey.

“The Community remains an ‘employer of choice’ among its employees, especially when compared with other federal agencies,” said Ronald P. Sanders, the chief human capital officer in the director's office. “Our employees enjoy their work and realize how important it is to national security. This news is heartening, but we know there is room for improvement – and we’ve taken decisive steps to tackle many of the challenges identified in the latest annual survey, our fourth.”

Sanders acknowledged that one of the areas in need of improvement is the way the employees view their pay for performance system. Only 19 percent agreed with the statement that "in comparison to similar jobs in the private sector, I feel my total compensation is fair." And just 29 percent agreed that "pay raises depend on how well employees perform their jobs."

A summary of the results is here.

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