Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apple Patch Day: 67 Mac OS X, Safari Vulnerabilities

Via ZDNet -

On the same day Microsoft shipped a bundle of patches for gaping holes in its PowerPoint software, Apple followed suit, dropping a monster Mac OS X update to correct 67 security vulnerabilities.

The sudden Apple Patch Day also included a patch to cover a trio of flaws in the Safari Web browser (Mac OS X and Windows).

The OS X update covers flaws in 31 different components, including several known (and dated) issues in open-source packages used by Apple. These include vulnerabilities in Apache, BIND, CUPS, OpenSSL, PHP and Kerberos.

The update also fixes what Apple describes as “arbitrary code execution” vulnerabilities in ATS, CFNetwork, CoreGraphics, Cscope, Disk Images and Spotlight.

The full list of affected software, components and discussion of risk is available on Apple’s support site.

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