Monday, June 1, 2009

Introduction To Pivot Tables In Intelligence Analysis

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Pivot tables are a handy but under-utilized feature of Microsoft Excel's program. Crime analyst's, in particular, make good use of these in their work but they are largely unknown to the wider community of intel analysts.

One of my students, Brent Pearson, explored this particular tool as part of my Advanced Analytic Techniques class last term. As part of his final assignment, he put together a couple of useful videos to introduce the novice to this particular tool.


A couple of caveats: First, Brent used law enforcement data in his examples but you can create pivot tables from virtually any structured data set. Second, Brent was starting at the very beginning with pivot tables. There are many more tricks and tips to pivot tables than he was able to discuss. If you use pivot tables in your work or know of some good resources about how to get more out of them, leave a comment!


Follow the link above for the videos. Very good stuff, I have never used pivot tables myself...but look forward to trying them out in the future.

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