Thursday, May 21, 2009

Online Course - Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Security

Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Security
Sponsored by Mocana


This course provides an introduction to embedded systems security including what could happen if your security is compromised and methods to prevent this from happening. Content includes:

* The Need For Security
* Different types of Networks
* Constraints on Embedded System resources
* Types of Embedded System platforms
* What does "Embedded Security" mean?
* Cryptography in a Nutshell
* Data Integrity
* Authentication
* Security Constructs / Applications


The primary audience is engineers and developers who need to use and select embedded systems security; especially those who are new to the field, or need to refresh their knowledge.

60 min.


Registration is required.

I would suggest using Mailinator with a ton of fake data or Bugmenot - both worked for me.

Hat-tip to Phn1x for the link...

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