Monday, May 4, 2009

RIP - Fravia

Fravia was a pseudonym/handle for a European software reverse engineer (his real name, according to his autobiography, was Fjalar Ravia, but other names have been suggested) who is probably best known for his web archive of reverse engineering techniques and papers. Mirrors of the old web site ( still exist (see, e.g., Internet Archive), though Fravia has publicly requested their removal in favor of his new web-searching-centric sites.


As of September 9th 2008, Fravia had stopped updating his site and holding conferences after being diagnosed and receiving treatment for a Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tonsil, that metastasized. His site was frozen for half a year but was then updated as Fravia slowly recovered, announcing that "experimental cures seem to work and seem to have stopped the nastier metastasis, even slightly reduced them". He then focused on GNU/Linux.

Fravia died on May 3rd, 2009.


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