Wednesday, May 13, 2009

US SOCOM Set to Test New 'Smart' Airburst Weapon System

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The US Army is preparing to field and evaluate a new rifle that can fire 'smart' 25 mm airburst rounds.

In July, five XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement Systems (CDTESs) will be delivered with ammunition to Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for testing and development of tactics and techniques using the futuristic-looking weapon.

Richard Audette, deputy project manager for soldier weapons, told Jane's the XM25 would most likely be deployed with one member on a fire team and serve as an organic asset to engage hidden or 'defilade' threats with smart rounds that explode above or near a target.

The XM25 employs L-3 Communications' target acquisition/fire control (TA/FC) sight to lase, detect and identify targets in day or night conditions, as well as using its laser rangefinder and sensors to compute a ballistic solution that is sent to the munition's fuze, telling it when to detonate the 25 mm round.

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