Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Details on the Pearl Continental Hotel Blast in Peshawar

Via nowpublic.com

An eyewitness told reporters that the assailants came in two cars. While one of them shot through guard post, the second car followed it. The first car is said to have blown off after entering the hotel. He said that there were four occupants in each car. He also told reporters that the police arrested four people. However, the police is yet to confirm this.


According to the Police, 500 kg of explosives have been used for the blast. Eyewitnesses claim that the explosion was so powerful that it could he heard 15 km away.However, the casualties are expected to be sizeable considering the intensity of the blast. Further details of casualties are being awaited. There is a thick cloud of smoke billowing out of the hotel building.

Police has cordoned off the area near the hotel. Some 30-40 vehicles parked in the hotel have been destroyed. Some rooms have also been damaged. Electricity has been turned off.


According to thenews.com.pk....sources indicate the explosion may have centered at the security guard checkpoint.

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