Friday, June 19, 2009

One Reason the Taliban Should Hate Linux

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The recent Paris Air Show revealed a new range of UAVs, which apparently have been using Linux based operating systems to power missions to blow up mostly women, children and old people in Afghanistan and the tribal lands of Pakistan, and occasionally a few Taliban terrorist camps.

According to Flight Global, a look under the bonnet of a Raytheon surveillance KillerBee UAV revealed that the whole beast was under the control of a heavy fuel engine with a Linux-based computer control system.

Raytheon is offering its KillerBee-4 version to the US military with still more open sauce killer goodness.

Clearly whoever designed the code for the KillerBee-4 had no problem finding the right drivers.

It has some impressive requirements. It can track objects both during the day and after dark by using a system of live video and infrared sensors.

It can also fire precision guided munitions by using an on-board laser for target designation.

Either way, there are going to be parts of Afganistan and Pakistan where GLP is going to listed alongside barber shops and music stores as something never to be seen

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