Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phrack Magazine - Issue #66

Welcome to Phrack, by the community, for the community.

Its with an incredible pleasure that we present you our newly released issue :

Phrack Magazine #66

For this release, we are gracious to be interviewing the PaX Team, whose work has made significant evolutionary and revolutionary advances in security. This is a radical change from the Phrack Prophile in issue #65 where the prophile was about the UNIX terrorist.

Some could easily detect in this shift a certain seek for identity from the Phrack staff. As if the identity of Phrack had to be refined at all.

In the previous prophile, we had interviewed probably the most hated "black hat" hacker, and in the current prophile, the most hated "white hat" hacker. Perceived as such. But the reality is more faded and every hacker has this paradoxical identity where each side of the barrier
suddenly become very familiar to the other. And this is where the great hacker shall remain.

Phrack keeps its identity. A magazine for all hackers, by all hackers.

The Hacker culture.

To the very firsts who don't believe in the virtue of the Underground, I answer:

Kill the underground, you won't kill the Hacker culture.

We are mourning one of the best hackers of recent time today. His spirit and contributions will remain part of the Hacker culture. We dedicate this issue of Phrack to Cliph, who left us really too early this year. Cliph did influence all kernel exploit writers in the last 5+ years with his
advances on exploiting the Linux kernel.

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