Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slowloris = HTTP Equivalent of a SYN Flood


Version 0.7 Beta


RSnake with threading from John Kinsella

Slowloris both helps identify the timeout windows of a HTTP server or Proxy server, can bypass httpready protection and ultimately performs a fairly low bandwidth denial of service. It has the added benefit of allowing the server to come back at any time (once the program is killed), and not spamming the logs excessively. It also keeps the load nice and low on the target server, so other vital processes don't die unexpectedly, or cause alarm to anyone who is logged into the server for other reasons.

Apache 1.x, Apache 2.x, dhttpd, GoAhead WebServer, Squid, others...?

IIS6.0, IIS7.0, lighthttpd, others...?

Slowloris is designed so that a single machine (probably a Linux/UNIX machine since Windows appears to limit how many sockets you can have open at any given time) can easily tie up a typical web server or proxy server by locking up all of it's threads as they patiently wait for more data. Some servers may have a smaller tolerance for timeouts than others, but Slowloris can compensate for that by customizing the timeouts. There is an added function to help you get started with finding the right sized timeouts as well.

As a side note, Slowloris does not consume a lot of resources so modern operating systems don't have a need to start shutting down sockets when they come under attack, which actually in turn makes Slowloris better than a typical flooder in certain circumstances. Think of Slowloris as the HTTP equivalent of a SYN flood.


Slowloris HTTP DoS Tool

More Slowloris information from Rsnake

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