Tuesday, June 30, 2009

South Korea: North is Enriching Uranium

Via VOA News -

South Korea's defense minister says North Korea appears to be pushing forward with a uranium enrichment program, raising fears that it may use the material to make atomic weapons.

Addressing a hearing of lawmakers Tuesday, Lee Sang-hee said it is clear that North Korea is moving forward with the program. He added that such a program is far easier to hide than the North's current plutonium-based program.

North Korea has ample supplies of natural uranium, and it could conduct an enrichment program in underground or undisclosed facilities, away from the view of U.S. spy satellites.

Earlier this month, after the United Nations placed more sanctions on North Korea for carrying out its second nuclear test in May, Pyongyang said it would start enriching uranium.


Today, The United States on Tuesday added two more companies to its lists of firms facing sanctions for allegedly aiding North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. One company is in North Korea and the other is described as a North Korean front-company based in Iran.

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