Monday, July 20, 2009

DC17 Badge Pre-Release Information

Here are a few useful pieces of information to help you get set up and/or prepare for the DC17 Badge Hacking Contest. Unlike last year, all of the badge design documentation, including development environment, should be on the CD this year, unless there was a last minute change that I'm unaware of. Even still, I'd HIGHLY recommend getting your tools set up in advance so you come to DEFCON ready to rock. Remember, the Badge Hacking Contest is now a BLACK BADGE contest, so the stakes are raised...

* The processor this year is a Freescale MC56F8006 Digital Signal Controller. It's a brand new part, but the DSC family has been around for a while and there is plenty of code samples/examples and application notes on Freescale's site.

Main product page:

Direct link to data sheet:

* The development environment is Freescale CodeWarrior for DSCs. It's a similar IDE to previous badges (sorry, still Windows only AFAIK, but works fine in a VM). I used Processor Expert to help with the device configuration, so you'll probably want to familiarize yourself with that feature.

Link to the tool (free, no license required):

Special Edition: CodeWarrior for 56800/E Digital Signal Controllers

* There will a serial bootloader on-board to enable you to easily load your own firmware onto the badge (simply requiring a terminal program, like HyperTerminal, and the hex file). However, this year will require a bit more soldering skill to get it up and running and you will need a level shifter to convert the 3V TTL-level serial of the badge to RS232 or USB level. We'll have a few level shifter kits in the Hardware Hacking Village, but I'm sure those will go quickly, so if you're reading this, BRING YOUR OWN LEVEL SHIFTER, buy something like this: or bring components to put one together (an FTDI FT232R)

* In the case of completely bricking your badge during a firmware update via the bootloader, you can completely reprogram it via the MC56F8006 JTAG interface and the USB TAP hardware (I'll have one with me for emergencies).

Information on the USB TAP:

* AFAIK, Freescale is sending at least one engineer to come and experience DEFCON, hang out, and offer technical support for hacking/developing with the badge. The Hardware Hacking Village will serve as the Badge Hacking HQ and he'll be located there. I'll try to spend as much time as I can up there, too, but the more help I give, the less likely you'll win the contest :P

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