Sunday, July 26, 2009

Defcon iPhone Application

DEFCON® Hacker Conference - The Hacker Community's Foremost Social Network.

After years of misplaced, begged, borrowed, stolen Defcon schedules, we decided to do something to help. Introducing the Defcon iPhone app. Get all the up to date details on the con on your iPhone/iPod Touch. In addition to that, you can view the official Defcon RSS feed and #defcon Twitter posts. Talk and event calendars, speaker and dj bios, and a map of the venue.


1. Talk Calendar
2. Event Calendar
3. Speaker/DJ Biographies
4. Defcon RSS Feed Reader
5. Twitter #defcon

Status: Available Soon

The app has currently been submitted for Apple’s approval into their store. We’re looking at other options for distribution in case the app does not get approved in time. Follow @dtjedi or @tkimball via twitter for updates or check back here.

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