Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Veracode: BlackBerry Spyware Dissected

Via Veracode Blog -

Yesterday it was reported by various media outlets that a recent BlackBerry software update from Etisalat (a UAE-based carrier) contained spyware that would intercept emails and text messages and send copies to a central Etisalat server. We decided to take a look to find out more.

We’re not sure why the software was delivered in both .jar and .cod form. The .cod file is a RIM proprietary format that contains the compiled Java classes along with a signature. Therefore it’s not even necessary to send the .jar, but they did, completely unobfuscated.


The most alarming part about this whole situation is that people only noticed the malware because it was draining their batteries. The server receiving the initial registration packets (i.e. “Here I am, software is installed!”) got overloaded. Devices kept trying to connect every five seconds to empty the outbound message queue, thereby causing a battery drain. Some people were reporting on official BlackBerry forums that their batteries were being depleted from full charge in as little as half an hour.

The final thing to mention is that the spyware does appear to be installed in a non-running state by default, where it’s not actually exfiltrating data once the initial registration packet has gone out. However, using the command and control mechanism we described earlier, the carrier can remotely start/stop the service at will on a per-device basis.


Check out the full Veracode blog for the detailed technical stuff indeed.

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