Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vordel SOAPBox is Now Free!


Vordel SOAPbox allows developers to test the performance, scalability, and security of Web Services. Using SOAPbox, a developer can test how Web Services perform under load, how they deal with unexpected input, and what their traffic ceiling is.

Vordel SOAPbox highlights security tokens, XML Signatures, and encrypted content in XML documents. SOAPbox supports established security technologies such as SSL and HTTP-Auth, as well as next-generation security technologies such as WS-Security and SAML.


My team has been using this tool for quite some time...and it was worth the money.

But now it is free. Just input your e-mail...and download.

Vordel has made an attempt to block the use of free e-mail accounts (i.e. Mailinator) but they forgot to include the alternative mailinator domains, like sogetthis.com ;)

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