Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Apple Adds Malware Blocker in Snow Leopard

Via ZDNet -

Apple’s commercials may give the impression that Macs are virus-free (.mov) but the company isn’t taking any chances with the newest Mac OS X refresh.

Apple has quietly added a new Snow Leopard feature to scan software downloads for malware, a no-brainer move that coincides with a noticeable spike in malicious files embedded in pirated copies of Mac-specific software.

The malware blocker, first spotted by the folks at Intego, appears to be scanning installation packages for signs of known Mac malware.


It is not yet clear how Apple is handling the package scans for signs of malicious software.

I have confirmed that Apple is not using the open-source ClamAV engine to handle these scans so it’s likely the company has entered into an agreement with a commercial anti-virus company.

This isn’t the first official acknowledgment from Apple that the Mac operating system may be susceptible to malware. This Web page on Mac OS X security actually recommends the use of third-party anti-virus software to get “additional protection.”


Apple has confirmed that its new operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, will be released on 28 August.

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