Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DNA Proves Body Not Terror Leader Noordin Top

Via ABC News -

Indonesian police have confirmed a man killed in a raid in Central Java on Saturday was wanted, but he was not the notorious fugitive Noordin Mohammad Top.

Indonesian police had hoped and then believed the man they had surrounded and then killed after a 17-hour siege in a remote rural house in Temanaggung was Top - the region's most wanted terrorist.

DNA tests have now confirmed that the man responsible for every terrorist attack in Indonesia since the first Bali bombings has escaped yet again.

The identity of the dead man is now confirmed to be Ibrohim, the florist who worked at Jakarta's Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels.

Ibrohim left a resignation letter and disappeared the morning of the suicide bombings on July 17.

The bomb attacks at the Ritz Carlton and the nearby JW Marriott hotel killed nine people, including three Australians.

Police have released new security camera footage showing Ibrohim escorting the alleged Marriott bomber around the hotel nine days before the attack, and later bringing bomb-making material into the hotel's loading bay.

Officials say Ibrohim was hiding while a truck bomb was being completed near Jakarta with the intention that he would launch a suicide bomb attack targeting Indonesia's president.

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