Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AQAP Claims Responsibility for Attack On Saudi Arabia's Prince Muhammad bin Nayif

Via Janes.com -

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has claimed responsibility for the failed attempt to kill Saudi Arabia's Prince Muhammad bin Nayif on 27 August. The bomber exploited the kingdom's efforts to persuade wanted jihadists to surrender to get close to the prince. AQAP is unlikely to get another such opportunity.

The group, which is a merger of the Saudi and Yemeni branches of Al-Qaeda, released a statement to jihadist websites dated 27 August claiming it had "carried out a quality intelligence operation which removed from the path of Muslims a tyrant among the tyrants of Al-Saud inside his palace in Jiddah".

In a subsequent statement dated 29 August, the group acknowledged that Prince Muhammad had survived the attack.


This new is a little old in CT terms...but I felt it was important to highlight this AQAP claim. It shows that the new consolidated group is capable of high-level attacks. The group formed in early 2009 when Al Qaeda in Yemen announced its merger with Saudi Arabia's al Qaeda organization.

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