Thursday, September 3, 2009

Belgian National Arrested on Charges of Arms Sales to Iran

Via NEFA Foundation -

Federal prosecutors in Alabama announced that “Jacques Monsieur, a Belgian national and resident of France suspected of international arms dealing for decades, has been arrested on charges alleging that he conspired to illegally export F-5 fighter jet engines and parts from the United States to Iran.” A six-count indictment charged Monsieur, 56, and co-defendant Dara Fotouhi, aka Dara Fatouhi, 54, an Iranian national currently living in France, with conspiracy, money laundering, smuggling, as well as violations of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Monsieur was arrested by federal agents last Friday upon his arrival in New York. Fotouhi remains at large…The indictment alleges that "in February 2009, Monsieur contacted an undercover agent seeking engines for the F-5 (EIF) fighter jet or the C-130 military transport aircraft for export to Iran. Thereafter, Monsieur began having regular e-mail contact with the undercover agent regarding requested F-5 engines and parts.”

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