Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flash Version of Visitors - More Than 50% Vulnerable

According to my Google Analytics, less than half of my visitors in the last month...are running updated version of Adobe Flash.

Sadly, this number isn't quite surprising, even given the security implications of running old Flash. Those that are running 10.0.22 are vulnerable to at least 10 different security vulnerabilities.

If you aren't sure what version of Adobe Flash your browser supports, then I would highly recommend checking out Adobe's Flash Version Tester. At the time of this post, the latest & "greatest" version of Flash is

About 80% of my visitors are running either IE or Firefox on Windows. For Windows users, I would recommend using Secunia's Online Online Software Inspector (OSI). The Secunia Online Software Inspector, or short OSI, is a fast way to scan your PC for the most common programs and vulnerabilities, thus checking if your PC has a minimum security baseline against known patched vulnerabilities. It checks for outdated versions of Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Quicktime, iTunes...and much more. It does require that Java be enabled for it to work...

Adobe provides uninstallers and installers for most of the major operating systems, so get to patching!

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