Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harakat Al-Shabab Mujahideen Executes Two Men Accused of Spying for CIA & AMISOM Troops

Via AllAfrica.com -

The Islamist fighters of Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen have Monday executed two men accusing of spying for CIA and the AMISOM troops in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Sheik Ali Mohamed Hussein, the representative of Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen for Banadir region was among more people who gathered at Maslah building in north of the capital where the executing sentence happened saying that the men were three pointing out that two of them were sentenced to death while the other one was flogged 29 slashes and ordered to be exiled from the country.

The representative of Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen said that executed men were spying for the CIA and the African Union troops AMISOM while the other flogged man was charged making false US dollar money adding that they are also planning other criminals to bring them before the Islamic court to be sentenced like those ones.

Sheik Ali Mohamed said they executed the men as the Islamic court found them guilty pointing out that they were also the mastermind of killing of Salah Nabhan and Mo'allin Aden Hashi Erow.

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