Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NULL Certificate Prefix Bug - MITM Cert - Merry Certmas!

Hello *,

In the spirit of giving and sharing, I felt it would be nice to enable other Noisebridgers (and friends of Noisebridge) to play around with
bugs in SSL/TLS.

Moxie was just over and we'd discussed releasing this certificate for some time. He's already released a few certificates and I thought I'd join him. In celebration of his visit to San Francisco, I wanted to release fun-times-at-moxie-marlinspike-high. This is a text file that contains a fully valid, signed certificate (with private key) that can be used to exploit the NULL certificate prefix bug[0]. The certificate is valid for * on the internet (when exploiting libnss software). The certificate is good for two years. It won't work for exploiting the bug for software written with the WIN32 api, they don't accept (for good reason) *! I suggest the use of Moxie's sslsniff[1] if you're so inclined to try network related testing. It may also be useful for testing code signing software.

It's been long enough that everyone should be patched for this awesome class of bugs. This certificate and corresponding private key should help people test fairly obscure software or software they've written themselves. I hope this release will help with confirmation of the bug and with regression testing. Feel free to use this certificate for anything relating to free software too. Consider it released into the
public domain of interesting integers.




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