Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the road again....

So the time has finally come...I am moving out of the great state of Texas. I will miss it and I will return one day, until then I need to go down the road [of life]...and take it turn by turn.

I am in the process of moving to North VA, so the post might be spotty for about a week. Hoping to get internet at the new place by this weekend.


  1. Good luck, Todd. I live din Northern Virgina for many, many years. The urban sprawl go to be too much for me, which is how I eventually ended up in Austin in the first place, and now in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Drop me a line when you get settled.


    - ferg

  2. Aha, finally! Good luck with working near the mothership ...

  3. Thanks guys! I made it here..not just got to get all the paperwork done and get moved in. Should be back on the interweb by Sunday.