Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tethering, MMS Hack Broken By iPhone 3.1 Update

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A popular tethering hack that allows your computer to access the internet via your iPhone’s cell connection is broken with the iPhone 3.1 update. The update also disables MMS messaging enabled by the same hack.

The hack is enabled by changing iPhone’s AT&T carrier file. It’s easily enabled by visiting sites like using mobile Safari on the iPhone, and appears under the Network settings. The option is removed under 3.1.

AT&T will roll out multimedia messaging for the iPhone on Sept. 25, but hasn’t given a release date for tethering, saying only it will be available “in the future.”


The following update is on
/Update 10.09.09: I’m working on an update for Firmware 3.1. Stay tuned.

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