Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on the SMB Vulnerability Situation

Via Microsoft's SVD Blog -

We’d like to give everyone an update on the situation surrounding the new Microsoft Server Message Block Version 2 (SMBv2) vulnerability affecting Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.


Easy way to disable SMBv2

Until the security update is released, the best way to protect systems from this vulnerability is to disable support for version 2 of the SMB protocol. The security advisory was updated yesterday with a link to the Microsoft Fix It package that disables SMBv2 and then stops and starts the Server service. (This initial Fix It might prompt you to also restart the Browser service.)


Disabling SMBv2 may slow down SMB connections between Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 machines.

First exploit for code execution released to small number of companies

We are not aware of any in-the-wild exploits or any real-world attacks.

However, we are aware of exploit code developed by Immunity Inc. and released to customers who subscribe to the CANVAS Early Updates program. We have analyzed the code ourselves and can confirm that it works reliably against 32-bit Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 systems. The exploit gains complete control of the targeted system and can be launched by an unauthenticated user.

The exploit can be detected by intrusion detection systems (IDS) and firewalls that have signatures for the vulnerability being targeted (CVE-2009-3103).

This exploit code from Immunity is only available to a small group of companies and organizations who will use it to determine the risk to their own networks and systems, or those of their customers. (We are aware that other groups are actively working on exploit code which is likely to be made public when it is completed).

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