Monday, October 26, 2009

GAO: DoD Vulnerable to Power Disruptions on the Commercial Grid

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Not that we needed another reason to launch an investigation into the vulnerability of the electric grid, but here’s another reason for you:

DOD’s most critical assets are vulnerable to disruptions in electrical power supplies, but DOD lacks sufficient information to determine the full extent of the risks and vulnerabilities these assets face. All 34 of these most critical assets require electricity continuously to support their military missions, and 31 of them rely on commercial power grids–which the Defense Science Board Task Force on DOD Energy Strategy has characterized as increasingly fragile and vulnerable–as their primary source of electricity.

So 31 out of 34 of our nation’s most critical assets rely on a Grid controlled by private interests who cannot be trusted to provide accurate information about the state of their security.

You can download the public version of the report here, and a classified copy has also been prepared, according to the GAO.


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