Friday, October 16, 2009

NEFA Foundation: AQIM Spawns New Media Wing, "The Andalus Foundation"

Via CT Blog -

The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new communiqué from Al-Qaida's network in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) announcing the foundation of a specialized media wing known as the "Andalus Foundation." According to the statement, "due to our belief that the battle of pen is no less important than the battle of the sword, and in continuation of our development of jihadi media, despite the many tribulations and hardships of imposed by war, we bring the good news to our beloved Muslim nation, and we announce to the public the establishment of a new media foundation, which we have named, 'The Andalus Foundation for Media Production.' And, this establishment will become, with the help of Allah, the only official party to publish all the media productions that are created by your brothers in the media committee of Al-Qaida's network in the Islamic Maghreb."

A translation of the AQIM declaration can be accessed via the NEFA Foundation website.

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