Wednesday, October 7, 2009

UK MoD 'How to Stop Leaks' Document is Leaked

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This significant, previously unpublished document (classified "RESTRICTED", 2389 pages), is the UK military protocol for all security and counter-intelligence operations.

The document includes instructions on dealing with leaks, investigative journalists, Parliamentarians, foreign agents, terrorists & criminals, sexual entrapments in Russia and China, diplomatic pouches, allies, classified documents & codewords, compromising radio and audio emissions, computer hackers—and many other related issues.

The document, known in the services as the "JSP 440" ("Joint Services Publication 440"), was referenced by the RAF Digby investigation team as the protocol justification for the monitoring of Wikileaks, as mentioned in "UK Ministry of Defence continually monitors WikiLeaks: eight reports into classified UK leaks, 29 Sep 2009".

The full document is large (46Mb, 2389 pages). A smaller (3.6Mb) text-only version can be found here.

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