Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adobe 0-Day (CVE-2009-4324) Fix To Be Pushed Jan 12th 2010

Via Securiteam Blog -

Well, what more can I say really, good old Adobe have decided that it’s better to hold off on this patch, then to have people working around the clock to try and get this out asap. I suppose they also need to have some time off, after all it is close to Yule, and well they have been really good at releasing patches in a reasonable timescale this year (cough!).

This is the statement from Adobe, which can be found here.


Solutions in Adobe's Security Bulletin....

Customers using Adobe Reader or Acrobat versions 9.2 or 8.1.7 can utilize the JavaScript Blacklist Framework to prevent this vulnerability. Please refer to the TechNote for more information.

Customers who are not able to utilize the JavaScript Blacklist functionality can mitigate the issue by disabling JavaScript in Adobe Reader and Acrobat using the instructions below:
1. Launch Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
2. Select Edit>Preferences
3. Select the JavaScript Category
4. Uncheck the 'Enable Acrobat JavaScript' option
5. Click OK

Customers using Microsoft DEP ("Data Execution Prevention") functionality available in certain versions of Microsoft Windows are at reduced risk in the following configurations:

  • All versions of Adobe Reader 9 running on Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7
  • Acrobat 9.2 running on Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7
  • Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.2 running on Windows XP SP3
  • Acrobat and Adobe Reader 8.1.7 running on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows 7
With the DEP mitigation in place, the impact of this exploit has been reduced to a Denial of Service during our testing.

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