Monday, December 21, 2009

Terrorists Distributing Training CDs in Pakistan City

Via The Daily Times (Pakistan) -

KARACHI: As the militants continue being tracked down by the city’s security forces, the militants are coming up with innovative ideas to swell its ranks and bring aspiring militants to its fold.

The militants, who were earlier making good use of CDs and DVDs as a means of spreading propaganda, terrorising people and glorifying their victories in the battlefield, have now turned to the same media for training hopeful militants. The CDs provide information regarding physical fitness requirement of a militant, using modern weaponry and developing bombs out of raw material.

These CDs not only focus on providing theoretical guidance, but also display militants in action as they operate different weapons and produce bombs.

Some shots from the battlefield are also included in these CDs, which give the watchers an idea on how they should attack the enemy and then escape from the battlefield.

The training CD, which contains a 54-minute long video, also shows a man developing a suicide jacket and explaining what material to use to make it functional.

Some of the shots included in the CD have been taken from the battlefield of Helmand and some from the attacks on Pakistani security forces.

According to sources, the CDs were developed in the country’s tribal areas and then distributed by the militants “through proper channels”.

According to media experts, these militants are cleverer than expected.

The otherwise anti-media militants properly know how to use modern technology for their cause.

Al-Qaeda and Taliban elements were earlier known for glorifying their on-field achievements and beheading of the “Jasoos”.

This is the first time that such CDs have come on the surface.

Faizullah Jan, a media expert who has been following the activities of the militants, said the tactics of the militants change with time and they know how and what they should do and when.

“Now that they have been under fire from all sides, the militants are looking for inventive techniques for their survival,” he added. However, officials of the Crime Investigation Department have denied existence of any such CDs - at least in Karachi.

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