Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Critical Flaws Haunt Adobe Shockwave Player

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Adobe's run on the patching treadmill continued this week with a "critical" update to fix a pair of code execution holes in its Shockwave Player.

The vulnerabilities affect Adobe Shockwave Player and earlier versions, on the Windows and Mac operating systems.

According to an Adobe advisory, an attacker who successfully exploits the vulnerabilities could run malicious code on the affected system.
  • This update resolves a buffer overflow vulnerability that could potentially lead to code execution (CVE-2009-4002).
  • This update resolves multiple integer overflow vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to code execution (CVE-2009-4003).

Adobe recommends Shockwave Player users uninstall Shockwave version and earlier on their systems, restart their systems, and install Shockwave version

Adobe says more than 450 million Internet-enabled desktops have installed Adobe Shockwave Player.

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