Monday, February 15, 2010

Pwn2Own 2010 - Targets & Rules Announced

The TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) is proud to announce that the annual Pwn2Own contest is back again this year at the CanSecWest security conference held in Vancouver, BC on March 24th 2010. As the contest name implies, if you successfully exploit a target you get to keep it along with a ZDI cash prize and related benefits. This is our 4th year running and to commemorate we have increased the total cash prize amount to $100,000 USD. If you're unfamiliar with the past history of this competition check out the archived 2008 and 2009 blog entries.

This year the competition will have two main technology targets. In keeping with tradition the first portion of the event will attempt to bring to light the current security posture of market-leading web browser and operating system pairings. The multifaceted web browser continues to occupy a critical presence on the client-side attack surface. As Adobe, Google, and an estimated 30 other companies affected in the Aurora incident can attest to, the security posture of these products merits a yearly public evaluation by the research community at large.

The second portion of Pwn2Own 2010 offers bounties for vulnerabilities affecting mobile phones. The increased presence and capabilities of smart phones has brought with it the same security issues and attention traditionally reserved for non hand-held platforms. Vulnerabilities in parsing media, dynamic web content, e-mail, and other client-side issues have been published in the past. Additionally, many of the communication protocols that mobile phones implement are the focus of a burgeoning field of security research (ex: Lackey, Langlois, Bailey). The data stored and communicated across these devices is increasing in value to attackers.


Check the link above for the price and daily target details.

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