Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hacker Shut Down 100 Cars Remotely

Via (Austin, TX) -

More than 100 Austin car buyers had their vehicles disabled or triggered to continuously honk after police said a former employee hacked into the company’s account.

Police said the terminated Texas Auto Center employee accessed the computer system to disable the online account that allows the company to deactivate the starters and activate the horns and GPS of many of the vehicles.

The company said they had more than 80 customers who complained they lost work, missed school or complained of towing expenses and vehicle repairs.

Police arrested Omar Ramos-Lopez, 20, charged with breach of computer security.

Austin Police Department High-Tech Crimes Unit detectives said they were contacted by Texas Auto Center at 8113 S. I-35 on March 4 after they said Ramos-Lopez accessed their Pay Technologies account.

The company said he had deactivated the starter system in many vehicles that they financed and caused the horns to honk throughout the night, even if customers were up to date on their loans.


Thanks to my friend, Aaron Spuler for the link.

Looks like Wired's Threat Level Blog is following the story as well.

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