Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vendor FAIL - Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

For reasons unknown, vendors occasionally fail to maintain quality control over the media they ship. Whether it is CD-ROM, DVD, USB or some other form of media, it may contain viruses, trojans or even drug-runner music. When this happens, the software you receive obviously can't be trusted in any fashion, and installing software from already compromised media immediately puts your system's integrity in question. This page serves to keep a record of such incidents and remind vendors that shipping "pre-0wned" software is deplorable. This list is designed to capture consumer related exposures, specifically malware or other items of interest. This list will not include incidents of vendors shipping vulnerable software as that list would be extensive. In addition, it will not track targeted malware attacks against specific targets, such as the "Farewell Dossier". For an interesting historical perspective of such incidents until 1996, consult McDonald's list. Some of these incidents are integrated in the CPO list depending on the information available.

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